Desirable in enzymatic browning and tissue disintegration mechanisim

Hi, I am searching for cell disintegration during desirable enzymatic browning in fruits and vegetables. I found detailed information regarding cell disintegration and enzymatic induction in tea but I am not able to find it in other fruits or processed plants such as black olives, tobacco, etc.I read more than 50 papers but they just mentioned about enzymatic browning but there is no link with cell disruption, Can someone tell me how to find data about this topic, any keywords or if someone has the link to any research paper,i will be really thankful to him or her.

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Your main problem is you embarked in that project without asking firsr the right you lack enough scientific curiosity to do so.
You just did rote literature searchwith the keyword enzymatic browning and cell disintegation but you did not ask the fundamental questions and nor understood the chemistry of those two topics,their connection ( if there is) to guide you for more literature digging…


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I know the chemistry of cell disintegration and enzymatic browning induction in general that cell membrane rupture brings polyphenol and PPO or PDO in contact to each other and reaction start,I also know whole-cell chemistry during this process,I wrote about the fundamental process in plants in very detail in my project but I need information regarding specific fruit and vegetable with the the reference which I am not able to find in previous literature, May be my way to right keywords and search for literature is wrong. Whenever i search for literature they give information about enzymatic browning inhibition,I am not able to find any information in detail on desirable browning and this is the reason I came online to ask seniors, maybe they can guide me to use the right keywords to search or tell how to find literature on this topic. Thank you for your response.

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If there is no information in your comprehensive journal search ,then the information you are looking does not exist. With such gap of knowledge, assuming you are amply prepared for such monumental work,then its a great opportunity for you to make it your life work…