Cybersecurity programs

Is there any program that anyonen knows about cybersecurity? I have been working close with a university on fruity aroma production , process design, control, modeling, product development. I am seeing my work on the net in different applications and my computer is experiencing security issues. Does anyone know a good antihack program or authority?

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Sorry for you :frowning:

Firstly you have to keep your all datas safe, this is not so easy but i believe everyone can do this.

You should keep all devices updated and considering on data sharing permission setting on devices. If it not necessary do not sync your devices.

For an authority have a look at this


Cybersecurity is not the main concern of this group or forum.This is about food science and technology…
Therefore your thread is irrelevant… If …
You are really interested in cybersecurity ,there are plenitude of articles in the web and there are dedicated groups specializing on it…You should search that out if you are serious with the topic in mind.
If you are concerned about your computer data then be sure your PC is protected with popular Net security tools.
Having worked in R& D with networked computers the IT have installed encryption system in my unit . to ensure no one can access confidential information without my permission .
You should similarly ask your IT professionals about also.

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