Cream, infused oil and sticky fibers

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to create a range of seasoning products.
The idea is to conserve a flavor of one specific ingredient (for now I have mint, turmeric and black pepper) in 3 different textures.

  • cream (smooth and silky, with even consistency of a balsamic cream) with a flavor of a chosen ingredient. It suppose to smell and taste like the most natural ingredient used, and to compliment both salty and sweet plates.
  • infused oil, that could be used for both dressing and frying.
  • some dried and pressed fibers of the ingredient, that could add a new level of texture with the same punch of flavor.

These products are created mostly for wanna-be-self-taught-cooks, passionate foodies, who want to enlarge the creative borders of their cooking mind.

The question is, that for now I have no idea where to look, what to learn and at least to read about the technologies, that could be used for reaching my goals while producing these sauces, oils and fibers. Will appreciate any recommendations in where do I have to start my research.

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You should familiarize the technique used on perfume industry called Enfleurage…steeping the aromatics in vegetable fat to extract its oil soluble essential oils.
Another way using spice extractive or oleoresin and mixing it with fat.
Fibers lacks flavor and ,its added for bulk ,your choice can range from oat,pea ,psysillium etc which had some beneficial qualities.
BTW, truly competent chefs ,and other culinary professionals are creative and seldom need assistance from fabricated products you had in mind.

Thanks! I’ll start my research.
This product range is mostly for foodies, people who are just interested in exploring of new flavors and textures.