Cranberry juice color change back to white/yellow

I know what gives cranberries the red color are anthocyanins and was wondering if there is a way to turn cranberry juice to a much paler version (white-yellow) that is still edible?

I’ve found out that anthocyanins change color based on pH, so if you add a base (such as baking soda), the solution becomes darker (green-purple). However, I haven’t found an edible compound that when added to the red juice turns it white-yellow. Ocean Spray has a white cranberry juice, but it’s mixed with white grape juice). Any helpful hints are welcome.

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there are 2 ways.

1- as you said you can turn color. i am not sure now, how you can handle it.

2- you can remove anthocyanins and then you can color it what you want.

There is actually a white cranberry yielding pale colored juice but not as common as the red variety…
So dont immediately conclude that pale cranberry juice is just red cranberry dilutted with white grape juice as even Ocean spray us noted to use white cranberry variety.

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Add citric acid…it will become paler.

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