Cold instant Coffee

We have a problem with the product life of cold coffee recipe. It gets spoiled after 3 months under refrigerator temperature. We want to extend the shelf life another 3 months. Do you have any idea why it spoils even if the microbiological profile doesnt prove any micro spoilage affect.

This is cold brew you are talking about?
When you say it spoils, do you mean organoleptically? If so, what is your description of the spoilage?

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Yes cold brew and iam talking about the organoleptic characteristic of the product and specifically about souring of coffee after 3 months in temperatures between 4 and 5 οC.

Are you using any preserving techniques at all? Ultra filtration or HPP?
3 months is a pretty good shelf life for this type of product.

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No. Do you think it can help; i think its a chemical issue…cause there is no any microbiological problem at 6 months of shelf life.

Coffee, hot or cold brew, is not an easy product to stabilize for flavour.
Samuel Lopane, Clemson University has a good paper on cold brew.

Thank you very much for the paper.