Choco In Milk Shake Why Settled In Bottom

Choco In Milk Shake Why Settled In Bottom

Kindly Give Solutions

You should describe to us how you make it and whats in it so we can suggest appropriate solution to your issue…
Pictures does not tell us in detail, and we will be just be guessing what’s in it .
Therefore if you really need help.then tell us everything about what we want to know .

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you should boil or pastarize the cocoa powder with little amount of sugar in water then you add this mixture to milk shake you will get your results

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Are you homogenizing your product? Using any gums to keep the chocolate in suspension?


If you Don’t give us information about your ingredients and method of preparation so we can see exactly the cause of such stratification/ sedimentation ,you will .never be able to solve that problem…

I believe this method will work. will follow pretty similar procedure when you want to use hydrocollides in the recipe ( offcourse you will not boil mixture.).

Another option can be using Guargum they can avoid this sedimentation issue.

Mr. Roy here the issue is very clear that cocoa is sedimenting in the milkshake. I’m sure with your level of experience you will know the reason.

I donot think it is appropriate to ask them to open their formula and process in an open form like this.


If you understand the chemistry of beverage preparation ,and knows what ingredients to use you will not have problems .There is a difference between an emulsion and a suspension. The OP is making the latter…
If and only he just related to me the detail maybe I can help him rectify it.
Milk shake is a simple recipe, but ingredients quality and method of preparation can make or break it.
So STOP ASSUMING IF YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH if you ,yourself are not providingsolutions…
…Got my grift…:wink:
A problem solver will not immediately propose a solution, if he had not much information at hand.

@prashant16m pls don’t act like a fortune teller…:joy:

Roy, YOU are not providing solutions either. All you do is insult and demean.
Telling people to search for their answers is of ZERO value. How to you think they got to this forum?
They searched and found it. Everyone already knows about Google. If you have no good suggestions why do you bother responding? You are wasting everyone’s time and it doesn’t make you look as smart as you would like to thing.


Did you ever suggest a solution…?. or you just cast a fortune and assume the solution to the problem. :rofl:

I only asked the OP details about his system so an appropriate solution can be proposed…
Do you had a problem.with that…?

Regarding the issue about search first before asking questions…Its practiced during my generation. Before the internet was existent.
Its a time consuming laborious process going to different library searching for it among heaps of paper based sources…
Now your generation are bunch of lazy fellows, they have all the convenience but are just too lazy to lift a finger and search the web for ideas and information.
What a shame…

Yes. I have. Many times. Unlike you I ask reasonable questions to the OP rather than be a small little man and just tell them to search for their answers on Google.
I’m not that full of myself as you seem to be. Trust me Roy, you are not as good as you pretend.


Did I pretend I am superman in these things…I did not…But you assume it. But as I had more experience than many people here including you…
You might be thinking of something else…

I am emphasizing that before you ask questions, you first find it yourselves. That’s what my mentors of my generation did taught me.
But now in your generation you ask first before finding it yourselves. Which does not encourage initiative…

Is the product retorted, because the milk shake container doesn’t look thick enough, or is this product just pasteurized and hot filled.

The choice of stabilizers to prevent the sedimentation is dependant on the procedure that is employed.

The middle of the container with the striations is eluding to another problem.

Please state this processing technique so we can assist further.

Cocoa first solution is the type, Dosage and fat content and degree of alkalinisation leading to colour and taste characteristic used in cocoa choc beverage.

Stabilizers used commercially Carregenan. Correct type must be employed.

Other modern stabilizers are cellulose and Carregenan blends.

The process to sterilize or long life is critical.

The above picture has 3 instabilities I believe.

Consumer in fact believes the cocoa(chocolate) is natural phenomenon and perceives this to be sign of quality.