Can rice starch or corn starch be eaten raw?

I would like to ask if a rice starch or corn starch be eaten raw or added as ingredient of raw items like energy bites or dates sweets
Where those items don’t go through a heating process


hi, Please explain more vividly. Thanks

Generally raw cereals have high microbial count and difficult to digest…so its risky to consume as is.
If added to confectionery products in raw state and there is no heat treatment involved , it can contaminate the end product making it unsafe to consume.

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Thanks for the reply many times I saw the ingredient listed on some of raw product items
Like energy balls also the Turkish delight as topping there is corn starch and powdered sugar

OK see this ingredients list of a protein balls product there is no baking or heat treatment an rice starch is added. My question is is it safe to consume or if I want to add it to a raw recipe is it going to be safe?

Those might be the dusting agents used towards the end of the process.

Yes like in marshmallows and gummy candy where they are cast in starch while still hot .it helps in.partially sterilizing the surface starch that adhere to it…But manufacturers of that confection had strict specifications .They have strict standards for microbial population in that material.

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I know a similar confectionery manufacturer that once sought my advice about why their products spoil easily but their competitors don’t…I notice the problem that they have no standards in raw materials specifications including their atarches…But they are stubborn not to change their loose ingredients purchade…
IIRC one customer of them complained that he got diarrhea after eating some of their confection. They manufacturer was sued and they paid " hush money "not to publicize the scandal.

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Aren’t these starches coming from reputed manufacturers, and thus have their specification sheets. But yes microbiology part might be a tricky issue to sort out depending on the product.
Thanks for the detailed info.


In my opinion, you can try some Pregelatinized starches, which is ready to eat, so they don’t have to undergo any treatment or process.

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In your date product date balls, which is a cold process, starch addition as mentioned can be pre gelatinised or already treated or modified. These starches are of good micro, probably as good as your date Paste.

Native starches need cook up.

Starches used for moulding or dusting should be of a low moisture when purchased for first use. This gives it a good enough micro for Incidental contact. For second use these are conditioned in heating shelves, to lower moisture again and to lower micro count.

Air removal and Waxing agent helps with wine gums. Turkish delight I’m not familiar with, but am sure it is treated as well.

Starch that is spilled etc is discarded.

Turkish delight production has cooking step about 2 hours at 110-120 C. So it has no mo.

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What about the dusting or its coated by cornstarch?

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@CAPTM Yes, you are right. I missed this point. There may be some risks with this.