Bread manufacturing

Which preservative is better for bread?

Hi digambargosavi
I think espcially Natural yeast is better protect than other things. Bread will be strong structer with natural yeast. İt will not souring too early. Same time it will earn good taste.

Thanks, we have use it. But I think if using another would be better or not?

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ok so what do you want and for what you can explain more clearly ı can help you more. I worked for 2 years in the bread sector.

Like enzyme or improver?

You can use sitric acit or vitamin C and some producer cant want vitamin C because Vitamin C it can be broke their build. internal structer can be very stronger. but, altought, there are many negative situation. but, it is a good protect in the bread sector. You can find a preservative to include vitamin C and sitric acit.
I hope, I have been helped to you.

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Hi @DigambarGosavi, can you share more about what you are preserving? Are you more keen to prevent microbial growth? Or are you more focused on keeping the sensorial properties (softness, moistness) of your bread?

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Calcium Propionate can extend the shelf life of bread by preventing molds.


Bread preservation is a multi pronged approach…Formulation, Proper baking to desired moisture content,sanitary conditions in post baking preferably clean air environment, alcohol spray ,modified atmosphere packaging and oxygen absorbing sachets .If you fulfill those various hurdles your bread can have a shelf life of several months to a year.