Brainstorm - daily problems

Hello everyone!
Im Ana, a food engineering from Brazil! Recently I started a course about UX Design, and I thought of mixing this new tool to the food industry. So, Im here to ask for your help in finding a daily problem you have about anything food-related. Here are some examples:

  • I can’t find vegan yoghurts very easily
  • My pantry food spoil very often ( I don’t have control over the due date)
  • I can’t find specific articles about food engineer

You can name any problem you have food-related! This is a brainstorm for me to find a subject for my project. Don’t be shy, say anything you want! Every answer matter!
Thanks for your help! (:

I can’t get CFIA to approve Monk Fruit Extract or Allulose for use in food in Canada.

Hi… Mam

How to decide shelf life of chocolate

In flavours, the shelf life is determined by the Aroma chemical that has the shortest shelf life.Ie in Orange flavour the orange oil has a shelf life of 1 year when compounded. Other ingredients on their own have 18 months to 2 years, some 5 years. Off notes, new molecules, which weren’t added in composition, created from degradation or inter esterification etc, form new peaks on graphs, thereby the sum of all peaks still cover roughly same area but which reduces peak sizes of all molecules. Could one build a model that know shelf life and components could give one, a predicted shelf life ? . The old process was Sensory evaluation over time, chemical analysis to see if product stayed in spec and accelerated shelf life testing at higher temperatures and again doing the Sensory and physical testing. Plus the known time without complaints, rejections or off notes, oxidation etc History of product . This is a topic I would be interested, plus all raw materials used singularly or in a mixture should still have that shelf life predicted left over as an ingredient.

Pectin extraction methods use acids or enzymes, and lots of solvents such as ethanol.
What other methods can we apply for pectin extraction, avoiding solvents , less laborious approaches?