Bitter issue

Hello everybody!
I have been worked with apple juices made from pulp. Lately my product start to develop a bitter taste, after 2 weeks approx.
Does anyone heard about this problem?, I need to understand why happened!
Thanks a lot!

There are many reasons for the bitterness in apple juice. Unfused fruit, fermentation or inadequate clarification during processing. This includes errors in enzyme use. Let me help you if you can describe the taste you mentioned as bitterness. It may also be astringent. Please give detailed information.

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Hi thanks for your help!, as i mentioned before, at the first the taste is typical fruit, but in a period of time star appear the bitter taste, without astringency.
At the first I thought that could be the packaging, but I made a test without succes.
Something that take my attention that it is a random problema!

If turbidity has started in the product you have made, you have probably experienced failure in the clarification phase. Enzymatic activity continues or you may have done insufficient. Pectin remaining in the fruit juice causes rancidity.

Hi, I have not observed turbidity in my product. However, it is hard to say, because I mix the pulp with water.
do you know if there are an analysis that could confirm the excess of pectin?

Such bitterness is usually pectin-based. If the fruit you are using is not fully ripe, you may experience such problems. But the main thing to look at is the clarification part.

how about adding some calcium salt and binding the pectin and removing the same.

Bitterness also due to high tannin content of the a fruit.