Beginner in food product formulation

Hello everyone, I´m a beginner in the food industry (I am a food engineer), and I’m having issues at work because I don’t know how to formulate well any product. I really want to learn how to formulate. Could you please tell me some updated books that I can read and start formulating better? I appreciate it


The 4 volume books of Food Products Formulary is a comprehensive tome in food formulation with various authors published in the 1970s would be a good guide.Its a hard cover book that is found in.well equipped ood science library. .


I have to remind you that reading formulation books does not guarantee your success in this field .
Never underestimate that having such books I related you will become an expert in short time…
They Re just reference material.
If you want to formulate, you should understand function of ingredients and ingredients interactions that goes with it.You have to visualize " molecularly"how a certain combination of ingredients work .
Actually its not an easy task if you are not keenly interesred in food chemistry as thats the basic knowledge needed in food formulation.
It takes lots of practice to be good at it also .
If you hate kitchen work or : "getting your hands dirty "In countless lab experiments you will unlikely to succed. in this line.As formulation process is much experimental work. in a multilevel scheme: Starting in .Small,kitchen or lab scale, then pilot scale and finally to production scale…
Its preferable also you had working knowledge in Design of Experiments as that will make formulation easier.
You should also be good in sensory evaluation as well as familiar with shelf life tests to verify the stability of your formulation.
Finally you have to specialize in a certain food products you want to formulate to become credible in it…