Baked Banana Chips

Hello! I am looking to get some suggestions as to what parameters should be kept in mind to develop a non-fried/baked Banana Chips? The R&D trials will be conducted in a kitchen setup without lab equipments. Is it possible to achieve a product that is scalable?

Thanks in advance

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It depends upon your ingenuity…:wink:

Yes, sure. I am aware of that. But like I mentioned, looking forward to expert suggestions who have dealt with the NPD of banana chips. Thanks :blush:

If you understand the principles of such baked banana chip processing you can start doing it in your kitchen… to rest the feasibility…Don’t wait,but enjoy the enthusiasm of experimentation .
Thats how food scientists think. Having The courage and willingnes to try …
You had nothing to lose but time, but certainly learn something out of that effort…