Bake stable fudge

What makes fudge bake stable


please give us more details.

what type fudge?

What is your ingredients?

In which bake process do you want to use it?

Standard fudge ingredients like condensed milk ,sugar ,glucose syrup ,palm fat ,butter, and gms,fondant icing, cubes to be used in cookies , bake at 175 deg c for 15 mins

if you include cooking starch during your sugar boiling as well as little pectin you can stabilize the fudge to the point it won’t melt when used as bake stable topping for desserts…
Putting around 2% max of cornstarch,tapioca starch etc and about sufficient additional water to form a paste ,and 0.5% ordinary powdered pectin which you mix with sugar during preparation would work.


Thanks for the advise Roy
Will give it a try

You may use modified corn starch ( eg thermflo ) at 3% level of the total formulation.
This will not only give a 100% bakestable product , but also lend the fudge good shine and smoothness.

It will also mimic oil feel to some extent and give superior mouthfeel , and a very good cuttability and the much desired short body texture.

Native starches like corn etc won’t work as they will not be bakestable as they will degrade on application of heat and loose viscosity after some time , specially when they cool and pectin too will not help much as no viscosity is build due to high pH of sweets.
Though Low Methoxy pectins can be useful , no one would suggest that as it requires very expert handling and very very soft water.

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Hi Kapil
Thanks will give it a try , I have some Sodium Alginate coming in so will try that as well

Alginates will not help. They are not bake stable in this application .
Only modified starches like thermflo or clearam will help.


Hi Kapil,

The Sodium Alginate specification states the product forms thermo - irreversible gels , does not melt on heating, What am I missing here?

Bake stable means a product should not loose Integrity during heating , means it should not seperate - ,water/ oil should not weep out etc etc.

It’s not only about a Gum which has to be stable , but the entire formulation.

Also there a problem of not knowing whether you are a bakery ( fresh )operation or an industrial manufacturer wishing to have a long shelf life of product.

So in light of above , I gave a general opinion to use modified starches , the use and practice of which is pretty well settled in these kind of standard products…

If your product intends to have some specialized unique features , then ofcourse my suggestion is redundant and you may try ingredient as per the final product you desire :+1:

Thanks, we are getting some decent results with tapioca and LM blend

Hi Kapil,

What is your rate for consultancy as I have managed to develop the bake stable fudge in the kitchen but not working on plant trials. I would like to explain our process and see if you can help
We batch cook then extrude through drop rollers, it’s not a slab / table process