ATP increase after sanitation

I am facing a problem in ATP bioluminescence.
After washing a surface, the ATP decrease. Then the same surface is sanitized by alcohol and ATP increase after sanitation instead of decreasing!!
Any hypothesis ?!

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Very interesting issue.

Did you check your your ATP analyzer ? Are you sure it works properly ?

How do you clean the surface ?

Which chemicals do you use ? only alcohol ?

Is the surface smooth or rough ? What is it ? A table, a belt or ?

Any comment please Mr. @gokhan.durmaz

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Yes, I checked the analyzer and its working properly.
The surface is first washed then sanitized only by alcohol (isopropyl).
I have done this on many surfaces (table, chair, and even on my hand)

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as far as i can understand your alcohol contains dna somehow. Even if it kills bacteria i do not think that it decomposes dna. Just the dna is precipitated with IPA. So i can recommend to change alcohol with a purer one or you may distillate before use.