Antiinflammatory Pickle

Hi Friends, I am from India having a logical idea to fight against internal inflammation to reverse metabolic Syndrome.
Turmeric and Salt is used to reduce external inflammation in Traditional indian. …how we use that USP to reduce inflammation of internal organ like Liver,heart,arteries or other I approve product and can I go for patent…anyone here to help me

might require a lot of clinical studies.
Consider looking at it ‘bite’ by ‘bite’ for obtaining patent, and move ahead steadily to reach this target. May have to get all data on external inflammation and move towards internal organ related (but definitely a very complex theme that might take several years to achieve). However it would be a great achievement. In fact the question is why turmeric? because there are many other ayurvedic ingredients that may have similar anti-inflammatory effect. Also turmeric+pepper is used highly these days for many health benefits as a concoction.
Patents are always a good way to go.
Best wishes