Anti-Browning Agent in Freeze Dried Lime Slices


I am in the R&D process of Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables manufacturing company. We produce lime slices by using Freeze Drying Technology.

There is browning in the final output after 3-4 months of shelf life.

What are anti-browning agents we can use in our slices?

Could someone suggest, please?



Please search the web: “Recent trends in controling enzymatic browning of fruits and vegetable products…”…
That might help you in selecting the best agents for your needs…


Few years back i have come across reports of erythorbic acid ( or its salts) have shown good effectiveness in addressing this problem when employed as a dip before freeze drying…


Could you please elaborate on your packaging and any pretreatment you apply?

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There are several anti-browning agents that can be used in freeze-dried fruit and vegetable slices to reduce browning during storage. Some of the common ones include:

  1. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C): Ascorbic acid is commonly used as an anti-browning agent in fruits and vegetables as it helps to reduce oxidation and enzymatic browning.
  2. Citric acid: Citric acid can help to lower the pH of the fruit or vegetable, reducing the rate of enzymatic browning.
  3. Sodium metabisulfite: Sodium metabisulfite is a commonly used anti-browning agent in the food industry as it helps to reduce oxidation and enzymatic browning.
  4. Sodium citrate: Sodium citrate can help to control the pH of the fruit or vegetable and reduce the rate of browning.
  5. Edible coatings: Edible coatings such as chitosan or carrageenan can also be used to reduce browning by forming a protective layer around the fruit or vegetable.

It’s important to keep in mind that the use of anti-browning agents is regulated by national and international food safety agencies, and the suitability of a particular agent will depend on the specific product and intended use. It’s recommended to consult with a food scientist or regulatory expert to determine the most appropriate anti-browning agent for your freeze-dried fruit or vegetable slices.