Alternatives for Sugar Replacement in Food Technology: Formulating and Processing Key Aspects

The physical, chemical, thermal, rheological, and sensory characteristics of spreads with noncarbohydrate nutritive sweeteners (such as polyols), produced on ball mill, could be predicted. Spreads with 70 and 100% maltitol, as a sweetener, produced on different temperatures (30, 35, 40°C) and mixer speed rotations (60, 80, 100 r/min), give the spreads with very good or excellent sensory characteristics, characteristic spreadability without sandiness (gritty texture), good melting behavior, and pleasant taste. Both process parameters are very important and have the dual effect on spread quality. The best spread quality, considering all characteristics, has the spread with 100% maltitol, produced on the highest process parameters (40°C, 100 r/min).

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Alternatives for Sugar Replacement in Food Technology - Formulating and Processing Key Aspects

By Marko Petković
Submitted: August 14th 2018 Reviewed: October 25th 2018 Published: January 23rd 2019
DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.82251

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