A compound less known - Tyramine

Is chemically (4-(2-aminoethyl) phenol),
• Produced by decarboxylation of the amino acid tyrosine
• It contains an NH2 group – hence possibility of maillard reaction with sugars etc…
• Found in fermented foods, such as soy sauce, aged cheese etc
• Consumption of foods with high level of tyramine causes migraine, headaches etc
(Histamine is a vasoactive amine trigger migraine)
• Besides, tyramine can react with nitrite (form carcinogenic products)
• Prevention or reducing the level of tyramine formation in foods is thus essential.

Ref: Food Chemistry 239 (2018) 377–384


Hey @nanoscientist, that’s quite interesting! Would you know what’s the common cause for the decarboxylation of tyrosine?

Looking forward to seeing your great posts!

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