Topic Replies Activity
Postharvest Handling Practices and Perception of Potato Safety among Potato Traders in Nairobi, Kenya 4 October 27, 2019
Methods for Detection of Aflatoxins in Agricultural Food Crops 3 October 10, 2019
Effect of Temperature, Time, and Material Thickness on the Dehydration Process of Tomato 1 September 15, 2019
Edible protective films and coatings in food industry 1 September 21, 2019
Determination of Fatty Acid Content in Irradiated and Non-Irradiated Syrian Olive Oil During Storage 1 July 23, 2019
Virgin Olive Oils: Environmental Conditions, Agronomical Factors and Processing Technology Affecting the Chemistry of Flavor Profile 1 July 23, 2019
Manufacturing of Potato Chips and its Quality Improvement 2 July 8, 2019
The Effects of Supplementing Ingredient Optimized Whey Protein Isolate (ioProtein) Versus Whey Protein Comparator Following High Intensity Exercise for 8-Weeks 2 July 8, 2019
Cocoa Shell: A By-Product with Great Potential for Wide Application 1 June 24, 2019
Terahertz Non-Contact Monitoring of Cocoa Butter in Chocolate 1 April 5, 2019
Effect of Freezing on the Shelf Life of Salmon 1 February 11, 2019
Physicochemical Changes of Cocoa Beans during Roasting Process 1 February 12, 2019
The Effect of Walnut Flour on the Physical and Sensory Characteristics of Wheat Bread 1 February 24, 2019
Investigating Enzyme Activity of Immobilized Candida rugosa Lipase 1 March 12, 2019
Good Manufacturing Practices and Microbial Contamination Sources in Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Puree Processing Plant in Kenya 1 March 30, 2019
Reduction of Aflatoxin M1 Levels during Ethiopian Traditional Fermented Milk (Ergo) Production 1 March 18, 2019
Viability of Molds and Bacteria in Tempeh Processed with Supercritical Carbon Dioxides during Storage 1 March 23, 2019
Effect of particle size of selected composite spices on storability of fried meat 1 April 13, 2019
Effect of storage temperature on the physicochemical, nutritional and microbiological quality of pasteurised soursop (Annona muricata L.) Juice 1 April 13, 2019
Microbiological Safety of Kitchen Sponges Used in Food Establishments 1 May 4, 2019
Drying Characteristics and Physical and Nutritional Properties of Shrimp Meat as Affected by Different Traditional Drying Techniques 1 May 4, 2019
Quality Assessment of Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) Juice Treated with Different Chemical Preservatives 1 May 4, 2019
Assessment of Honey Quality in Ghana: A Pilot Study of Honeys Produced in Drobo and Berekum 1 May 14, 2019
Biotechnological Processes in Microbial Amylase Production 1 May 18, 2019
Microbiological Quality of Soft White Cheese Produced Traditionally in Jordan 1 April 13, 2019
Potential Hazards Associated with Raw Donkey Milk Consumption: A Review 1 June 10, 2019
The Food Additive Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate (E-476): Structure, Applications, and Production Methods 3 April 9, 2019
Effects of Blanching and Natural Convection Solar Drying on Quality Characteristics of Red Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) 2 March 16, 2019
Application of Proteomics in Food Technology and Food Biotechnology 2017 1 February 24, 2019
Use of Natural Dietary Spices for Reclamation of Food Quality Impairment by Aflatoxin 2 February 24, 2019